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The monthly increase exceeds 60%, how is PREMA widely recognized by the market

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The monthly increase exceeds 60%, how is PREMA widely recognized by the market

February 14
01:10 2023

Recently, when the market is recovering, PREMA, a comprehensive NFT application platform, released the latest development plan for 2023. The plan involves the development of the PREMA project in various aspects such as technology development, product landing, economic cooperation, and ecological indicators, and focuses on project compliance, technological innovation, and the commercial value of NFT. The new development plan caters to the current market demand for NFT’s cross-domain, tradable, multi-functional and other comprehensive applications, and helps to ensure that PREMA NFT is widely adopted and used by the market in a way that is beneficial to individuals and organizations, so that in the past month PRMX rose more than 60%.

The NFT market has faced multiple challenges in the past year, including an overall market downturn and a bear market. These factors have had a negative impact on the NFT market. Direct data from the on-chain data analysis platform (Dune) shows that the current total market value of NFT has shrunk sharply compared to the 2021 bull market, but the total number of NFT transactions and the total number of interactive addresses have not shown a shrinking trend. This shows that people are not only using NFT for hype and speculation, but also proves the real user portrait of NFT, reflecting the commercial application potential of NFT, which enables the NFT market to flourish even under challenging market conditions , as NFT use cases increase, the market is expected to continue to grow and mature, and has the potential to revolutionize many industries, including digital art, gaming, collectibles, and more.

Although NFT technology is sought after in the art world and shows the potential to revolutionize various other industries, the complexity, infrastructure, regulation (legality), interoperability still need to be addressed for NFT to be widely adopted and integrated into other fields, market demand and other challenges, PREMA’s latest development plan focuses on compliance, technological innovation and commercial applications, aiming to solve the above-mentioned challenges and promote the widespread adoption and use of NFT in the market.

We believe that these challenges are crucial to the future development of PREMA, and also the blueprint for PREMA’s success in the NFT field:


NFT is a complex and comprehensive technology, and many people from all walks of life may not fully understand how it works or how it is applied, making it difficult to gain widespread recognition and adoption.


In order to realize the full potential of NFT, the technical infrastructure needs to be in place. This includes the development of a robust blockchain infrastructure and tools and platform. Make it easy to create, manage, trade and use NFTs.


In terms of legality, the regulatory environment for NFT is still developing. Different countries and industries have concerns about how NFT will be regulated. This uncertainty will make it difficult for companies and individuals to fully accept NFT technology and corresponding solutions.


NFTs are being developed on different blockchain platforms, and there is a lack of interoperability between these platforms. This can make it difficult for NFTs to be easily traded and transferred between different systems.

5.Market demand: 

Finally, the adoption speed and user base of NFT will be driven by market demand. In order for NFTs to be widely adopted in other industries, NFTs need to have a clear and compelling use case and viable business model, and enough people and businesses need to see the value in using NFTs in their operations.

As a comprehensive NFT transaction and application platform, we believe that PREMA has the ability to solve the challenges that NFTs face as they become more widely adopted and integrated into other fields:

1.Facing the complexity of NFT:

PREMA has developed the PREMA X market and PREMA Wallet at the same time, and provides a one-click link function, supports cross-chain and credit card payments, and a user-friendly interface simplifies the use of NFT, allowing users to easily create , manage and trade NFT, lowering the barrier to entry, using PREMA apps and NFT is as easy as using AppStore, Google Play and Kindle Store.

2.Strengthen infrastructure construction:

The PREMA platform not only needs to conduct NFT transactions in the market, but also needs to create a stable environment for blockchain games, metadata and traceability systems, as well as financial services that support the ecosystem. It is also necessary to reduce the GAS FEE that users have to bear. To ensure the stability and scalability of the platform, the project is developing PREMA Chain. In the third quarter, PREMA Wallet will also support NFC and AQR functions.


In order to ensure the legitimacy of NFT transactions and prevent fraud, PREMA has been operating in accordance with relevant Japanese regulatory regulations, and has entered the white list of Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges, which will give users confidence in the platform and encourage more widespread adoption of PREMA NFTs.


In order to achieve seamless integration with other platforms and technologies, PREMA always strives to ensure that its platform is fully interoperable with other NFT ecological platforms and technologies. The goal of PREMA is to link the metaverse blockchain game in URL (UnReal Life) with the physical facilities and physical products in IRL (In Real Life).

PREMA has designed a highly sustainable token (PRMX) ecosystem for this purpose, and the PRMX token is the value base supporting the PREMA ecosystem so that anyone can access the necessary functions of URL and IRL at any time. Users can communicate across URL and IRL boundaries by using PRMX tokens on the PREMA platform, and the PRMX utility will be officially enabled in Q3 2023. This will help create a more connected NFT ecosystem and drive wider adoption of NFTs.

5.Market demand and business model: 

In order to meet the growing demand for NFT, PREMA will continue to innovate and develop new products and services that meet user needs. Under the premise that patented technologies and infrastructure such as NFT and AQR are guaranteed, PREMA can provide new revenue-generating opportunities for cinemas, large shopping malls, playgrounds, Metaverse projects, and chain game projects, and improve the experience of NFT users. There will also be huge economic benefits in social activities and business models, which will help drive demand for NFTs and create new opportunities for growth and innovation in the NFT market.

PREMA seeks to address the challenges faced by the NFT market as it becomes more widely adopted and integrated into other areas by focusing on simplicity, stability, legality, interoperability, and market demand. This clear and definite development path makes the future predictable, It also gives investors more confidence.

In the above analysis, we have a certain understanding of PREMA’s goals and development vision. It supports the transaction and practical application of NFT, and is no longer limited to digital art collections and game asset transactions, but through the “PREMA X” market and PREMA Wallet further empowers NFT, making NFT not only a general-purpose digital asset in Web3 and Metaverse, but also a technical system that can serve the real economy and a tool that provides information and data services for daily life, and it can convert between the two. In addition, in the solutions such as AQR and NFC proposed by PREMA, the use of NFT is wider and more specific and real, which can serve the society and generate actual social and economic benefits. It has great potential in many fields such as supply chain finance, logistics system, sharing economy, tourism, etc., and even reaches the technical level that can change an industry.

What is PREMA? 

PREMA is a Web3 platform focused on NFT transactions and applications.The platform uses the PREMA wallet application and traceability system to integrate NFT and NFT usage scenarios, such as metaverse blockchain games in URL (UnReal Life, non-real world), and physical facilities in IRL (In Real Life, real-world) associated with physical products.And developed a comprehensive market for the Web3 network. This is a milestone achievement for the Web3 network, just like the original App Store, Google Play, and Kindle Store.

Learn more about PREMA:

PREMA official website: 

PREMA Wallet official website: 






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