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Cutting Edge Technology: Unveiling The Top 3 Advantages Of Tungsten Carbide Band Saw Blades

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Cutting Edge Technology: Unveiling The Top 3 Advantages Of Tungsten Carbide Band Saw Blades

February 14
21:04 2023

SAVAGE, MN – February 14, 2023 – DoALL Sawing Products manufactures tungsten carbide blades with a high-speed steel body and tungsten carbide cutting teeth. These blades are highly abrasion-resistant and can withstand much higher temperatures than general-purpose bi-metal saw blades. These unique features make the blades perfect for cutting materials that pose challenges to many conventional band saw blades.

They are designed to last up to much longer than traditional blades, meaning less time spent replacing them and more time spent cutting. Additionally, they can cut through a wide variety of materials, meaning they are versatile and can be used for multiple applications.

Tungsten Carbide Blade Application:

Knowing you have the right blade on your band saw is critical when you’re cutting through challenging materials. Our tungsten carbide blades consistently produce across a broad spectrum of industries.

Several typical applications of these blades include the cutting of:

  • Cast aluminum
  • Graphite
  • Case-hardened rods
  • Titanium
  • Superalloys


  • Greater wear and resistance than bi-metal blades
  • Higher heat resistance than bi-metal blades
  • Fewer tooth vibrations

“One of the greatest things about DoALL’s Tungsten Carbide band saw blades is they will reduce downtime due to the longevity of the tool reducing frequent blade changes and allowing the operator to spend more productive time cutting.  That’s a big deal for customers.  Time is money after all.” said Steve Yulga, Director of Sales & Marketing, DoALL Sawing Products.

Check out the top 3 things to know about tungsten carbide band saw blades:

DoALL Sawing Products was founded in 1927 by Leighton A. Wilkie; who invented and manufactured the first metal cutting band saw in 1933. With over 96 years of manufacturing history in the Minneapolis, MN area, the DoALL brand has been known for innovation from day one. With the most complete line of band saws, blades, and fluids in the industry, DoALL offers industrial sawing machines for high production, general-purpose, miter cutting, vertical contour, and custom engineered sawing solutions. They also offer a variety of parts and accessories for their saws, such as blades, guides, and coolants. DoALL Sawing Products is based in Savage, MN, USA, and serves customers around the world.

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