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In the light of intangible cultural heritage Shimao built a dream for Chinese teenagers

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In the light of intangible cultural heritage Shimao built a dream for Chinese teenagers

November 18
22:34 2020

The current “traditional cultural education” not only shoulders a special mission of the times, but also faces breakthroughs and innovations. Shimao keenly perceives that only by deepening and re-mining traditional Chinese culture, and trying to invent a new educational concept and model to make it integrated into the times and life, can  truly cultivate cultural perception as well as inheriting sense of mission among the young generation, to fundamentally blaze a path for traditional Chinese cultural education, reshape the cultural confidence, and then carry it forward.

Shimao injects impetus into intangible cultural heritage 

Cheer for the culture confidence of the youth

On November 15, 2020, at Shuitingmen, Quzhou, together with the national first-level publisher, Fudan University Press, Shimao officially launched the second series of “Intangible Cultural Heritage Stories”, which once again pushed a focus on Chinese intangible cultural heritage education. This first launch demonstrated Shimao’s innovation and exploration in education for the inheritance and development of intangible cultural heritage, also pointed out the direction for industry and education counterparts through the precise landing of “education plus public welfare”, calling on all sectors of the society to do their best to participate in the inheritance and protection of intangible cultural heritage.


Figure 1: First launch with Fuda University Press

Innovative Research Launched by Shimao Photosynthetic Education Community

Build a bridge for international cultural transmission

For the promotion and development of intangible cultural heritage in education, “humanity, art, and skills” are factors mainly focused on in inheritance, while there’s a greater concern with “science and technology” in innovation, then “inheritance” and “innovation” are Split.

Therefore, in 2019, Photosynthetic Education Community established a cross-border team composed of educated teachers, industrial designers, and executive editors, and chose projects on intangible culture inheritance with “local characteristics, artistic achievements, and scientific value” to allow the research team to communicate and discuss in person with inheritors, and eventually formed the first 26-volume standardized course, “Intangible Cultural Heritage Stories”, combining “intangible culture inheritance” theme and “STEM scientific exploration”.


Figure 2: “Intangible Cultural Heritage Stories”


Figure 3: Former Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva, Michael Moller gets to know “Intangible Cultural Heritage Stories”


Figure 4: International Exchange Student Program

Originated in 2016, Photosynthetic Education Community showed its concern on “full-age education” and “community education”. Over the past four years, it has taken root in more than 50 cities and over 100 communities, and benefit more than 300,000 families, and thus accumulated a large number of loyal fans.

Figure 5: STEM Class


Figure 6: STEM Exploration at the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River

Stick to the original aspirations from Chinese corporates

Light up social welfare with intangible cultural heritage

On November 15, 2020, at the launch ceremony of the second series of “Intangible Cultural Heritage Stories”, Shimao donated the books to China Social Welfare Foundation, Youth Foundation and Intangible Heritage Center of Quzhou Cultural Bureau etc. The books will enter Wesley International Education and many primary and secondary schools in Quzhou as cultural reading materials, and also in 7 provinces, 28 primary schools and kindergartens, benefiting over 10,000 students.


Figure 7: Donation of “Intangible Cultural Heritage Stories”

In November 2019, as soon as the intangible cultural heritage courses were completed, Shimao Photosynthetic Education Community implemented the “One City, One Intangible Cultural Heritage” STEM courses into the “Spectacled Brother for children with serious illnesses” project, which was dedicated to helping children aged 0-14 who are suffering from major diseases, and promote their physical and mental recovery with the power and creative courses of intangible cultural heritage.


Figure 8: The children are making kites.

Shimao hopes to inspire the innovation and development of traditional Chinese culture with its own innovative models and exploration experience in education and inject vitality of new ear into intangible cultural heritage.

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