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From Fearless to Fearful, From Powerless to Powerfull, Experts Agree, Atense Computer Vaccine is a Game Changer

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From Fearless to Fearful, From Powerless to Powerfull, Experts Agree, Atense Computer Vaccine is a Game Changer

February 03
20:59 2021
Computer protection as currently available is a race between a fearless mouse (hacker) and powerless cat (cybersecurity).

Plano, TX, USA – February 3, 2021 – A computer can be compared to a gated community. A gated community has a security gate as an entry point and it controls the flow of visitors and residents into and out of the community. In a computer an entry point is called a port and a program called firewall controls what can and cannot get into and out of the computer through the port.

The gated community has a security patrol and if a suspect is found in the community, the suspect gets arrested for trespassing. Before a program runs in the computer a program called antivirus checks a list of prior known malware. If the program is in the malware list, the antivirus disables the program.

Once a legit resident brings in a criminal acquittance into the gated community, the security of the community is compromised. Once a user downloads a file with a malware into the computer, the malware will be behind the firewall and the security of the computer is compromised.

Back to the breach in the gated community —

Once the criminal is inside the gated community, the criminal is free to roam and ready to harm the community. In term to stop the criminal, the patrolling security has to come in contact with and identify the criminal before a crime is committed – but this doesn’t always happen.

Similarly, in the computer, once the user downloads a malware, it is inside the computer. And the only way to contain the malware is for the antivirus to identify the malware before it harms the computer. Since the antivirus only identifies known malware, and over a million malware is released daily, the antivirus doesn’t know the malware – the malware runs and the computer is harmed.

The reason the security of the gated community and the security of the computer gets compromised is because both protections are reactive and only able to identify a known threat.

In fact, at the 2017 Black Hat Hacker’s Survey, 73% of the hackers said traditional perimeter security firewalls and antivirus are irrelevant or obsolete. 68% said multi-factor authentication and encryption are the biggest hacker obstacles.

The question is: is there hope to find a way to stop malware from running in the computer?

Yes, the game is about to change. The fearless mouse (hacker) will become fearful and the powerless cat (cybersecurity) will become powerful.

Unlike computer antivirus and firewall which are reactive solutions, Atense Computer Vaccine uses a patented encryption, authentication, and verification system which only allows authorized software to run in the computer, disabling malware without knowing anything about any of them.

Computer Vaccine’s uses encryption offering a solution that 68% of hackers dread. The bottom line – firewall and antivirus don’t provide absolute security once a hacker figures out a way to get malware onto a computer.

Computer Vaccine does!

“Our Computer Vaccine distinguishes between authorized software and malware. Allowing the authorized software to run and disabling all malware at arrival.” – John Almeida, CEO of Atense, Inc.

Please join us and together will change the game. We’ll make the cyberworld secure and the world a better place for everyone!

Below is what some experts are saying about our game-changer technology —

“Potentially game-changing technology that offers a significantly better value proposition to customers. Enterprise clients understand the value of the offering and the price point offers good margins for profitable growth.” – Fares.

“So, this one is interesting to me, if this actually does what it is supposed to, it changes the game on how we deal with intrusive programs – which is even more important at enterprise and government levels.” – Todd.

Please check our Wefunder equity crowdfunding campaign and if you can, would you please consider investing in us.

Company and contact information are available at Atense Cyber Defense.

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